Fossil Fuels Are A Threat To National Security

How much more unpredictability must the American people endure as a result of our reliance on fossil fuels before we finally cut ties with Big Oil and build a stable, affordable clean-energy economy? It seems like President Biden is out of options, given the intransigence of the fossil fuel–friendly Congress. But he has one: use his authority as president to invoke the Defense Production Act to dramatically scale up production of clean energy, while simultaneously protecting national security. We have seen the US Department of Defense warn the White House that continued reliance on fossil fuels poses a major threat to national security by accelerating the climate emergency. Congress has granted Biden broad emergency powers as commander in chief to shepherd energy production and adoption in defense of national security. It’s time for President Biden to use those powers.

By Jerome Foster, Julia Jackson and Alexandria Villaseñor. The Nation. May 25, 2022.

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