Fact Check: No, Kansas City’s New Climate Plan Doesn’t Ban Gas Stoves—Or Any Natural Gas Use

Kansas City’s newest climate plan passed through committee on Wednesday (and through the full Council on Thursday), bringing the city one step closer to its goal of reducing carbon emissions and committing to sustainability. The plan includes a stated goal of citywide carbon neutrality by the year 2040. In order to get there, the plan recommends a shift towards electrification of utilities in order to prioritize clean energy over fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas. There’s been some confusion over what the plan says about natural gas in residents’ homes and favorite restaurants. The Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan encourages a shift towards electricity so that renewable energy can be more easily used by the city. These efforts hope to be funded with federal money from sources like the Inflation Reduction Act. However, it does not place restrictions or “bans” on any type of energy source. In fact, Missouri law prohibits any municipality from banning certain types of energy outright.

By Natalie Wallington and Anna Spoerre. Kansas City Star. August 25, 2022.

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