Deep Roots KC Provides Habitat Garden Tours

Wherever you are in the Habitat Garden journey, you will find inspiration in our June Tour.
These four gardens represent very different ages and stages of native gardening, but share a common mission of creating refuge for wildlife.

ROELAND PARK REFUGE Saturday, June 8 · 9am – 12pm CDT

Karen G. has long grown her garden as “a refuge for the animals,” filling it with every kind of possible native wildlife food. The view from the street is artfully framed by decorative wattle fencing, behind which rises a spectacular display of New England Asters, Tall Goldenrod and Jerusalem Artichoke, as well as Chokeberry and Apple trees. In the back, a permaculture of Pawpaw, Pecan, Hazelnut, Persimmon, Elderberry and Chokeberry encircle a lovely wildlife pond (one of two ponds this month!).

If you get a chance, take time to be still and observe the many (many!) birds that live here and fill the yard with song. Though we have become accustomed to undergrown and lifeless landscapes, the profuse beauty of this wildlife refuge inspires us to a truly healthy and sustaining environment for all.

HOW TO SIGN UP: Join us any way you want:

  1. Donate: Suggested rates are $10 for one person, $18 for two people. “Suggested” means just that: pay less or more, according to your means. Everyone is welcome!
  2. SubscribeSign up for the season (also by suggested donation, according to your means). If you’re already a Subscriber, you are good to go – no need to register. Just watch for the email with addresses and details on the Thursday before each Second Saturday.
  3. Volunteer: Garden Guides get a private preview each month they volunteer, plus you meet the nicest people in town — your fellow volunteers!

WHERE TO GO: Plan to head to Roeland Park. Exact addresses are emailed Thursday, June 6th.

The Thursday before each Second Saturday (June 6th this month), Registrants and Subscribers receive an email with the garden addresses. Click on the button to download the PDF of in-depth descriptions and key plants, plus the map and addresses.

  • From: [email protected]
  • Subject: IMPORTANT 🌸 June Habitat Gardens 🦋 ADDRESSES & INFO

If you still do not see the email, email me at [email protected].

Unfortunately, it is not possible to respond to phone calls and emails on the day of the tour, so get in touch ASAP. We want you there!