COP26: The Issues That Stand In The Way Of Progress

World leaders are arriving in Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit. here are five major challenges that have to be overcome.

1. Trust: The real challenge facing negotiators at this key conference is the issue of trust, or the lack of it.

2. Credibility: Key to any success in Glasgow has to be the credibility of the host nation.

3. The workload; One of the biggest challenges for this COP is the sheer volume of work.

4. The process itself: The need for consensus from 197 parties, and the legalistic and technical nature of the talks, means there is, in reality, very little room for actual negotiations.

5. The spin: For months, politicians, negotiators and journalists have been arguing over what success at this conference looks like.

By Matt McGrath. Yahoo News. October 31, 2021.

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