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Young Family Farm

​In operation since 2010, Young Family Farm KC was more formally established in 2019 and is run by 3 generations of Young family members. At the core of their work is the belief in social justice, community empowerment, and collective action. The 3/4 acre farm (1/2 acre in production) is located in the Ivanhoe Neighborhood, which is currently a "food insecure" area — and is one of the only urban farms owned and operated by black farmers in the Kansas City area. Our mission is to empower residents to control their own destiny and health by encouraging them to grow their own food, shop locally, and choose healthy foods over junk foods.

The farm uses bio-intensive agricultural methods (no-till, high density, spin farming, no pesticide/chemicals). Young Family Farm is highly diversified and grows a variety of veggies, herbs, flowers, and honey. Currently, all produce is sold through an on-farm stand located on Wayne Avenue to make sure healthy food options are easily accessible to residents.

3819 Wayne Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64109
(816) 237-0572