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Wordsinger Publishing

Wordsinger Publishing is an indie publisher of transformative literature that educates and enlightens as it entertains. Our mission is to promote free expression, creativity and learning based on solid science.

Recent climate publications explore sustainable living choices that help individuals and communities cope with today’s climate crisis. Our “Field Guides” series break the hard science down into entertaining, easy-to-understand nuggets with a list of talking points to share and action to take at the end of each chapter. The hard science is kept in the introduction and there’s hundreds of endnotes for those that want to dig deeper.

FEATURED CLIMATE PUBLICATIONS:  Grove’s FIELD GUIDE to Climate Change: Prospering in a Post-Climate Change World | Grove's FIELD Guide to Plastics: Unpacking the Plastics Pandemic -- both available in paperback and eBook from Amazon, Apple Books, Android Books, Barnes & Noble and on GoodReads.  Click icons below for details.