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Temple Buddhist Center

In 1996, four of Kansas City's most influential spiritual leaders came together to found a center dedicated to the practice of Western-style Buddhism. Ben Worth created the American Buddhist Center, which has become the Temple Buddhist Center, and is now under the direction of Victor Dougherty.

Western-style Buddhism is a blend of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. This new and exciting form of spirituality is dynamic, inclusive, active, and focuses on core Buddhist insights, mindfulness, meditation and their practical application in our daily life.

The goal of TBC isn’t to get everyone to agree on one lineage or philosophy. Rather it’s on cultivating a shared experience of Mindfulness, Oneness, and LOVE. Whether we are chanting, meditating, building a flower mandala or sharing from the heart in any of our classes, recovery groups or focus sanghas, you are sure to find connection to the Dharma and ultimately your Buddha nature as we cultivate more happiness and less suffering, one breath at a time.

707 West 47th Street
Kansas City, Missouri
(816) 994-8015