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Sukyo Mahikari in the Heartland

SUKYO MAHIKARI IN THE HEARTLAND promotes positive growth in the areas of H=Health, E=Education, A=Agriculture, R=Research, and T=Training (HEART) with the goal of creating a pure and harmonious relationship between "heaven, humans, and nature" through the fundamental practices of the Art of True Light and the Universal Principles.


According to one of the key principles—the Principle of "Spirit-first, Mind-next, and Body-belongs"—if humankind truly wishes to restore our environment, achieve a sustainable future, and embrace vibrant health for all, we must awaken and elevate the unseen spiritual aspect, human consciousness. By receiving the radiant spiritual energy (True Light) into the spiritual cells in the area of the pineal gland (a few inches inside the forehead), and also to the spiritual cells of the physical body, the unseen spiritual aspect, or the upstream can be purified. This purification of the spiritual aspect in the upstream energizes the elimination of toxic thoughts and emotions in the middle stream, as well as the elimination of actual toxins from the physical body in the downstream. In other words, the practice of True Light (MA = True; HIKARI = Light) energizes the physical body, and promotes the release of toxic substances, such as chemicals, dyes, and other additives in our food, water, and air. This “total process” gradually leads to the restoration of the natural world (the air, the water, and the soil) and to true health in humans.


Sukyo Mahikari throughout the world has promoted “Yōkō Agriculture and Yōkō Gardening” since the early 1970’s in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Australia, and since the early 1960’s in Japan. “YŌKŌ” is a Japanese word that is translated either as “positive light” or as “sunlight,” which in comparison to “moonlight” is a positive light that produces its own light from within, rather than simply reflecting the light from another source.

Yōkō Agriculture is a spiritual approach to organic gardening and/or organic farming. One aim of Yōkō Agriculture is to remove poisonous toxins from the land and to revive the soil, establishing a healthy condition which promotes the growth crops filled with spiritual vitality and the pure energy of nature.

Yōkō Agriculture is a practice which encourages people to become increasingly spirit-centered by harmonizing with nature and nurturing the soil to restore it to its original pure and fertile condition, as well as by growing and eating organic produce that is filled with spiritual vitality (positive energy). This method encompasses the practice of giving True Light and positive vibrations of gratitude to permeate the soil, plants and tools with spiritual energy. It also includes the practices of improving the soil through the use of composting and an organic approach to growing food. In Yōkō Agriculture, nature is not viewed as something to be exploited for the pleasure and profit of human beings, but as a precious creation of God which is intimately connected with all existence. It is a type of organic agriculture that seeks to achieve unity between God, humans and nature.

As we advanced further into this 21st Century, the continuing pollution of the Earth's environment, and its effects on our mental and physical condition, is becoming a serious threat to the health, harmony, prosperity, and happiness of all humankind. Thus, the practice of Yōkō Agriculture, Yōkō Farming, and Yōkō Gardening are a very personal and direct means of addressing this matter for ourselves, our families, and our communities.


1) To protect and cultivate the precious land, which God has provided, and to bring about a rebirth of the pure earth as it was during the ancient divine era.

2) To eliminate toxic energy by the daily purification of the earth with the Art of True Light in order to renew the spiritual and physical purity of the soil, and to raise crops abounding in spiritual energy and nutrition.

3) Through the intake of pure, spiritually vital food, the Art of True Light, and positive vibrations, we strive to purify our spirit, mind and body, and to cultivate the growth of “pure seeds” who can survive the approaching great purification of the earth and work for the spiritual prosperity of future generations through the establishment on earth of a civilization of “harmony based upon love.”

4) To establish a system of self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness in order to overcome the looming food crisis.


Young people are encouraged to learn Yōkō Gardening and to grow their own gardens. In situations where young people do not have access to a garden plot, they may use the “one-pot gardening method" promoted by Sukyo Mahikari. Through Yōkō Gardening activities, young people discover that it’s possible to notice positive responses from nature as a result of using kind and cheerful words filled with gratitude. Children and youth learn to treat nature preciously and to develop a lifestyle that promotes harmony between heaven, humans and nature. “By seeking out contact with nature, people learn to perceive the truth, goodness, and beauty of nature with their whole being, not simply with their minds. The ability to do this is part of our essential nature as children of God.” (Okada, K. The Book of Gratitude, p. 41)


Though many “spiritual energy practices” focus mainly on “healing,” SUKYO MAHIKARI IN THE HEARTLAND focuses on the elevation and purification of the unseen or spiritual aspect which leads to the positive restoration of the physical aspect, whether referring to nature and the environment, or to establishing a truly healthy physical condition in one’s own mind and body. As the spiritual aspect--the upstream--becomes purified, the middle stream of the mind opens, and ultimately humankind will take consistently positive actions toward restoring the environment, and building a positive three-dimensional unity between heaven, humans, and nature.

SUKYO MAHIKARI IN THE HEARTLAND, is an affiliate of the international organization, Sukyo Mahikari, which currently has more than one million members in more than 110 countries throughout the world. Please contact us for more information on how to . . .


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