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Prairie Hollow Productions

A small, family-based documentary production company located in the Flint Hills of Kansas, Prairie Hollow Productions focuses on the production of long-form videos aimed at educating the public about various subjects related to the ongoing evolution of life in the middle of the North American continent. Founded by Dave Kendall, longtime host of the "Sunflower Journeys" series on public television, and his wife, multimedia artist Laura Mead, this enterprise has been supported by a longterm relationship with the Flint Hills Discovery Center Foundation, which serves as the sponsoring organization for many of the company's productions. Formed in 2015, the first production resulting from this collaboration told the story of the creation of the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Chase County, Kansas. Subsequent productions include: "Prairie Women: Engaging Women of the Flint Hills" and "The Road to Santa Fe," which explores the history associated with the Santa Fe National Historic Trail, produced with the assistance of Rex Buchanan, director emeritus of the Kansas Geological Survey. Buchanan has also taken part in the production of our most recent documentary: "Hot Times in the Heartland," which reflects upon the local impact of climate change, focusing primarily upon the Kaw Valley of Kansas and the greater Kansas City area and spotlights some of the individuals and organizations engaging with mitigation, adaptation and resilience efforts.

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Dover, Kansas 66420
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