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My Region Wins

MISSION: Transcend everyday challenges by using the Arts to nurture creative & undeveloped ideas that shape society.
VISION: Create a larger influence of the Arts & nature in society.
PROGRAMS & PROJECTS: Created to address environmental & social injustices & issues. Our work is done at the intersection of the Arts, Nature, & Neighborhoods.
SERVICES: HABILITATE DREAMS & NURTURE GREATNESS! Assist companies in supporting their employees' aspirational goals & dreams.

MAKE A ONE-TIME DONATION: Every dollar counts! Send checks to: P.O. Box 300631 Kansas City, Mo. 64130
BE A MONTHLY DONOR: We need 1,000 people to donate $10 a month!
GET INVOLVED: Volunteers are the backbone. Partners show togetherness. Interns help shape the future.
BECOME A SPONSOR: Help expedite our mission & vision, develop programs & projects, & provide the best service.