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Missouri Green Party

What's the Green Party?

We're an international movement fighting for a government and a world that puts people, planet and peace over profit. Our Four Pillars are shared by Greens all over the world: Non-violence, Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice and Grassroots Democracy.

The Green Party is no ordinary political party--unlike the two corporate parties, we accept zero contributions from corporations and rich individuals. The Green Party is a grassroots, volunteer-based movement taking our government back from the obscenely wealthy.

Green Party of Kansas City Missouri is bringing the fight against political corruption to the local level. We're a group of concerned citizens, neighbors, activists, organizers and regular folks working to bring Green Party values to our communities and local governments. We are a volunteer-based, dues-paying organization funded by individual working-class members--not corporate and elite interests. We're committed to social, racial, economic, and environmental justice. Become a member today!

What's Ecosocialism?

Ecosocialism is a sustainable economic model that provides a habitable world for our children and grandchildren by living in harmony with Nature and bringing strength and dignity to all people, including and especially, our most vulnerable and oppressed communities. Through Eco-socialist policies and legislation, the Green Party is the only political party that will prioritize our shared resources to guarantee quality of life over quantity of profit. Ecosocialism is how we Greens blaze the trail for social and political change that values and protects people and planet, not just for now, but for all future generations to come.

We know that working to solve the economic, environmental, and social challenges facing humanity means acknowledging that these issues are all interrelated and that healthy democracy is central to achieving the world we all desire. That's why we Greens are feminist and support gender equality and gender inclusion; it's why we are anti-racist and pro-diversity; it's why we oppose the exploitation of workers and call for a universal basic standard of living regardless of employment; it's why we choose health and education over imperialism and endless war; it's why we call for a degrowth economy, a shrunken and well-regulated private sector, and a strong and robust public sector empowered to save and improve the lives of people. It is because we know these struggles are connected that we are proudly Eco-socialist.

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