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Jerusalem Farm

Farm is a Catholic Intentional community located in Kansas City, Missouri, built on the four cornerstones of Prayer, Community, Service and Simplicity.

We strive to transform our lives and those around us through service retreat experiences, sustainable living and home repair.

Spirit of Inclusion and Hospitality:

Jerusalem Farm is a community dedicated to serving the common good. In doing so, we recognize the inherent human dignity in each unique individual. We are a community that practices hospitality, nonviolence and solidarity. We welcome all individuals to serve with us in unity towards the common good and we serve all people without distinction.

Our Catholic identity informs why we strive to love others and we use Christ as our model. However, we do not condition any of our services based on an adherence to any religious belief. We condemn all discrimination or harassment and our policies prohibit any such actions. We also commit ourselves to breaking down any barriers and forms of oppression which prevent individuals from pursuing their fullest dreams, ambitions and potential.

We have several programs including a home repair assistance program for low-income homeowners in the Northeast; a volunteer program for anyone who would like to volunteer with us; a tool library for anyone who needs access to tools; a curbside compost program for residents of the Pendleton Heights neighborhood; an invasive species eradication program in a local park; and a solar panel program for low-income Northeast homeowners.

520 Garfield Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64124
(816) 421-1855