Biden’s On The Verge Of Losing On Climate Change

Despite assuming office with what activists describe as the most ambitious climate change agenda in history, President Biden has experienced a series of setbacks that threaten to leave him with little progress on the issue, showing just how hard contending with climate change can be in a chokepoint-filled federal system, such as that of the United States. The president is facing backsliding on almost every front in his fight against climate change. The rest of the year will be a crucial period in which Congress could pass climate action before Republicans probably take control of the body next year. After that, there will be no new legislation to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions. Not only would it be virtually impossible for the United States to meet pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half this decade without legislation, but failure to keep that promise — made repeatedly at the United Nations climate negotiations in Glasgow, Scotland, last year — would also discourage other major emitters such as China to increase the ambition of their own climate plans. Further, the Supreme Court is set to remove a crucial regulatory approach to limiting the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Ben Adler. Yahoo News. June10, 2022.

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