Al Gore Calls The President Of The World Bank A ‘Climate Denier’

Former US vice president Al Gore has described the president of the World Bank as a “climate denier”, during an event in New York held as the United Nations General Assembly also gets underway in the city. Mr Gore suggested Joe Biden should aim to have David Malpass removed from his post, pointing out that the bank was continuing to allow damaging fossil fuel companies working in developing countries to access capital. Mr. Gore told the audience: “Since almost 90 per cent of the increased emissions going forward are coming from developing countries, we have to take the top layers of risk off the access to capital in these developing countries.” On stage hours later, Mr Malpass failed to put it on the record that he recognised the international scientific consensus on the causes of the worsening climate crisis. Mr Malpass was appointed to the role of president of the World Bank after being nominated by then president, Donald Trump, in 2019.

By Harry Cockburn. Independent/ YahooNews. September 21, 2022.

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