2022 Was The Year Extreme Weather Events Influenced International Law

The ties between human-caused climate change and extreme weather events became even more obvious in 2022 — and, for the first time, played a starring role in climate diplomacy. The deadly, widespread flooding in Pakistan in late summer helped galvanize international support for a way to compensate poor countries for the disproportionate share of climate damage they are bearing. The world saw a litany of extreme weather and climate events in 2022, many of which scientists concluded were made more likely and/or severe due to climate change. Any one of these events could have spurred policy changes, but it was the flooding in Pakistan that gave diplomats from developing nations the moral high ground needed to secure a deal at the COP27 climate talks on the fraught issue of “loss and damage.”

By Andrew Freedman. Axios Science. January 1, 2023.

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