Sunrise Movement KC holds Launch Party

On February 3rd at the Equal Minded Café, the Sunrise Movement kicked off a launch party encouraging everyone to be part of the movement to win a Green New Deal for Kansas City. The Green New Deal is a congressional resolution in which the federal government is trying to prevent the use of fossil fuels and decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Currently, some of the issues with the greenhouse gas emissions are causing the earth temperature to rise and pose a health risk to numerous areas in the United States, particularly the low-income areas in some of the major cities.

During the event, the Sunrise Movement shared two short documentaries that informed Kansas City residents about the impact this movement has made across the nation. The documentaries also addressed the inaction of the climate crisis, economic inequality, and the challenge facing politicians when striving for economic change. Essentially, then Green New Deal is a plan to combat climate change as well as income inequality, and socioeconomic discrimination.

The Sunrise Movement launch party was comprised of an energetic, socially aware group of people that hope to inspire and change the environment for all Kansas City residents.  There are Sunrise Movement organizations all over the United States and they are all eager to educate and make a difference in their cities. The Sunrise Movement in Kansas City was an eye-opening experience that embraced a host of people with diverse backgrounds within the area. One interesting member was an eighty-year-old man that was still very interested in learning about how he can help to change our environment.

The group also informed Kansas City residents about the benefit of strike circles to win the Green New Deal. There is a 6-week program that familiarizes different groups of people to join together for a strike on April 22 for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

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