Memorandum of Understanding

The following is a summary of our mutual expectations and responsibilities.

  • Definitions ...
    1. Allies are for-profit businesses, municipalities, and individuals that support the reversal of global warming.
    2. Partners are nonprofit environmental organizations or individuals working in a not-for-profit environmental capacity.
  • CCGKC will ...
    1. Publish ally/partner’s logo/URL link on the CCGKC website and social media accounts.
    2. Provide ally/partner with an account to submit environmental news items, calendar events and programming.
    3. Include ally/partner's news, events and programming in CCGKC’s website, Climate Digest and other marketing streams.
    4. Provide opportunities for participation in metro-wide Climate Council events.
  • Ally/Partners will ...
    1. Include the CCGKC logo/URL link on their website & social media ally/partner pages.
    2. Designate a representative to send/receive communications with CCGKC and to attend quarterly Ally/Partner Meetings.
    3. Announce their new alliance/partnership with CCGKC to their email list(s) and on their social media sites.
      • For instance, say, "We are excited to announce our [Alliance|Partnership] with the Climate Council of Greater Kansas City.  Please look for us at and in their free Climate Digest.  And don't forget to tell them you heard about the Climate Council from us!"
    4. Celebrate being part of the Climate Council community thereafter by mentioning CCGKC in emails, on social media sites and at events and presentations.
      • For instance, display a CCGKC sign at their events/presentations and tag CCGKC in their emails/posts with "In [Alliance|Partnership] with  Follow them @ClimateGKC."
  • General Guidelines
    1. We welcome articles and presentations as long as they are not judged to be advertisements or direct solicitations for goods, services or memberships.
    2. We welcome free educational events and nonprofit fundraisers.
    3. Please assure that all articles, events, presentations and nonprofit fundraisers promote our mission of reversing global warming.
  • Alliance/Partnership Retention
    1. Ally/Partners may terminate their association with CCGKC at any time by notifying the CCGKC in writing (emails accepted) at
    2. CCGKC reserves the right to review and remove ally/partners for cause.

Content Submission

If you are in agreement with the above, please login and use the Ally/Partners menu to submit your news articles, and calendar events to CCGKC.  Send your Education Catalog submissions (presentations/speakers/workshops) to  Thanks!

New Ally/Partner

If you are in agreement with the above and would like to request a CCGKC alliance/partnership, please send the following information to

    1. Are you an environmental nonprofit (Partner) or other entity (Ally)
    2. Organization's Name
    3. Representative’s Name & Email
    4. Organization's LOGO graphic
    5. URL link to website or social media page
    6. Organization's mission, environmental activities and anything else you would like us to know.