Project Drawdown Actions in Kansas City

This will be a short introduction to Project Drawdown: Reversing Global Warming and the impacts in Kansas City from those working with the Getting Into Action curriculum. Find out what scientists discovered when they ran the numbers on hundreds of solutions to reversing global warming, and take heart. Find out the cool things already happening and being discovered by local Drawdown groups.

Speaker:  David Hakan

David Hakan is a retired science teacher, traveling musician and entrepreneur based in Kansas City, MO. Since finding out about Project Drawdown, he has helped pilot the Introduction and Getting Into Action Course to help people learn about reversing global warming and to inspire them to act on proven solutions. He has pioneered a new kitchen worm compost bin that helps keep food waste out of the landfills where it produces methane. He was awarded a grant to build 100 bins and give them away for adoption.

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The event is finished.