From Waste to Justice: A New Social and Environmental Paradigm

“We are not faced with two separate crises, one social and the other environmental, but rather, one complex crisis, both environmental and social.” Pope Francis (2018). Our discussion will focus on the dual nature of this crisis, how KC Can is addressing it, and the potential for the expansion of this model within our community.

Speakers:  Kristan Chamberlain and Heather Nevarez

Kristan Chamberlain is the Executive Director of KC Can Compost. Her vision for an environmental and social enterprise began in 2016 when she met Joe Colaizzi, Executive Director of Shelter KC. Together, they sought to create a viable venture that would simultaneously provide a significant benefit to the Kansas City community and create living-wage jobs. Her background in strategic planning and marketing, coupled with 10+ years in education with inner-city youths and immigrants, provided the foundation necessary to create a high impact enterprise that offers supportive employment opportunities to those who need just that – support and opportunity. Kristan leads a team of highly qualified and passionate professionals, each contributing to the success of KC Can.

Heather Nevarez serves as the Director of Operations for KC Can Compost. Her professional focus has been on communication strategies and social justice. Prior to joining KC Can Compost, she practiced immigration law, advocating for clients in court and before Citizenship and Immigration Services. Heather has collaborated with executive teams in both for-profit and non-profit organizations to improve internal processes and enhance service delivery. She joined KC Can Compost because of the organization’s commitment to social and environmental justice for all in our community.

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