Good questions deserve good answers.

Is it Climate Change or Global Warming?

Both.  Within scientific journals, global warming describes the planet's average global surface temperature increase due to human emissions of greenhouse gases, while the common use of the term, climate change, includes global warming and everything else that increasing greenhouse gas amounts will affect.

Is this a partisan issue?

No.  At least it shouldn't be — everyone wants to live a safe, healthy, prosperous life.  We all agree that droughts, fires, floods and hurricanes endanger everyone from small farmers to urban commuters.  We know that Cities and businesses can now buy wind and solar energy for less than the cost of fossil fuel, which reduces municipal tax burdens and increases business profits.  Climate-related jobs are the fastest growing sector in the nation and the economic and personal health benefits of clean air and water are obvious.  Farmers profit from wind turbines on their land, city residents from solar panels on their roofs, workers profit from the safe, good paying jobs, and we all profit from the healthy, clean environment.  What could possibly be partisan about that?