Climate Conversations: Resilient Activist

On February 15th The Resilient Activist hosted a 2-hour Climate Conversations meeting at the Colonial Church. Sami Aaron, a naturalist and the founder of the Resilient Activist, kicked off the meeting by having everyone in the room, men and women, share their favorite thing about nature. The responses entailed the fall colors, leaves, fresh air, and the smell in the air when there is a seasonal change. The simplicity of the activity instantly placed the room in a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment. To go beyond this, Sami led a guided meditation to put our mind and body at ease as we transitioned to further conversations of how nature affects us on a personal level. 

Amy Sell, a certified holistic health coach and founder of the Wanderlust Group, also joined the meeting. Amy shared stories of her involvement with nature, recommendations for local trails and nature sites, and provided solutions to feel more safe outdoors. The purpose of the conversations was to alleviate any worries or thoughts that we sometimes feel as we connect with nature on our own. Also, to also revisit memories, feelings, and the love we have for the outside environment that we might have not thought about in a while.  

The overall experience of the meeting was peaceful and uplifting. I left feeling positive about the community I live in and pleased to know there are individuals, no matter the age, who also share a deep connection to nature.   

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