Knowledge is power, and we want to make sure you have all the information and tools you need. Check out the environmental topics below and find presentations that will empower you and your community to build a sustainable future.

The Climate Council's free online educational programs are presented live, allowing you to interact with the speaker(s) from the comfort of your home, classroom and office.  Perfect for family & friends, schools, neighbors, churches, businesses, or any other group of 10 or more.

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Presentation / Climate


Climate Change & Pandemic

Presentation / Climate

Sustainable Living

How To Reverse Global Warming

Presentation / Climate

Sustainable Energy

The Environmental Impact of What We Plug In

Presentation / Food

Sustainable Food

The Environmental Impact of What We Eat

Presentation / Climate

Sustainable Mobility

The Environmental Impact of How We Get There

Presentation / Climate

Sustainable Fashion

The Environmental Impact of What We Wear

Presentation / Climate

Building A Home Forest

Reversing Global Warming Yard by Yard