Campaigners Attack Japan’s ‘Shameful’ Climate Plans Release

Proposals Criticized Amid Fears Countries May Use Coronavirus Crisis To Rein In Commitments.

Japan has laid out its plans to tackle greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris agreement in the run-up to UN climate talks this year, becoming the first large economy to do so. But its proposals were criticized by campaigners as grossly inadequate, amid fears the Covid-19 crisis could prompt countries to try to water down their climate commitments. The United Kingdom, which will host the talks, hopes every country will produce renewed targets on curbing emissions and achieving net zero carbon by 2050. New commitments are needed to achieve the Paris goals of holding temperature rises to no more than 2C, and ideally 1.5C, above pre-industrial levels, as on current national targets the world would far exceed those limits.

Fiona Harvey. The Guardian. March 30, 2020.

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